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sand blasting Leeds image Sand Blasting is the process of propelling a media under high pressure, at high velocity, down a special blast hose, and ejecting it through a purpose made nozzle with a pre-determined size. The media can range from coconut shell through to steel grit, with different grades in each category, and the pressure can be regulated to achieve different finishes, profiles and cleaning abilities depending on the specific requirements.

Sand Blasting cleaning is primarily used for the cleaning of a substrate so as to be free from rust, grease and paint, usually in preparation for the application of a coating. However, other common areas of use include producing textured and anti-slip finishes to surfaces, paint stripping, degreasing, etching, cleaning surfaces for specialist uses and pre-treatment applications.

Sand Blasting
Due to the variety of substrates we blast clean, our favoured and most used media for sand blasting is a crushed mineral rock, this resembles in appearance to that of fine dry sand. The crushed mineral rock will give a profile finish of between 15 and 25 microns, depending on its recycle position, and in 80% of cases the substrate is steel or alloy and is cleaned to a Swedish standard of SA2œ. All Swedish standards are achievable if desired by the client. The process is carried out in a fully extracted, fully recycled blast room, sizes as stated. Our sand blasting Leeds service can be used for all substrates from plastic, through wood and concrete to steel and alloy.

Grit Blasting
Similar to sand blasting but the grit is a lot more aggressive, producing profile finishes between 50 and 75 microns. We would only use this media on steel substrates, which are dense and hard enough to withstand it. Carried out in a similar type room.

Bead Blasting
Again similar to the above two, but this is a very fine soft glass bead media and is used at a much lower pressure. The profile finish is between 5 and 15 microns, and we use this for fine finishing before painting & polishing, on glass, or for providing a smooth matt/satin finish on stainless steel for use in the food or medical industries. Again this can be carried out in a large fully extracted blast room, or a smaller hand cabinet, depending on the requirements.

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