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Paint Stripping image Here at MSS we have developed a variety of product removal options and paint stripping Leeds services. From burn-off ovens through chemical tanks to blast cleaning. This enables us to paint strip or product remove a variety of materials from a variety of substrates & items, and if you have something our processes can't do then we try to be flexible enough to adapt our processes to accommodate your needs. Examples of the type of things we strip are; Car Parts, Fabrications, Alloy and Steel Wheels, Car Body Panels, Radiators, Fireplaces, Rubber Linings from Pump Parts and Vehicle Tracks, Badly Painted Objects needing Re-Work, Printing Machine Parts, Powder Coating and Hanging Hooks, Pine Furniture and many many more items. Bulk orders of the same items are also welcome and carried out in a production line manner. Our current process is described in detail below:

Burn-Off Oven
Suitable for Steel and heavy cast only. This process utiises a two-stage process oven, which effectively burns off the coating to an ash, with all excess gasses and fumes being burnt in the after burner before exiting to atmosphere. The burn off oven is able to burn off most types of paint and can also be modified quickly to remove rubber or similar equivalent linings from castings etc. We can also degrease and remove organic/inorganic compounds using the burn-off oven process. Once the item has been burnt off it will require remedial works prior to re-use: This can be carried out by us and usually involves either blast cleaning or a chemical/pickling acid dip.

Chemical Tanks
A variety of specific chemical & acid tanks that are suitable for Steel, Cast, Alloy, Aluminium, Plastic and Wood. This process involves the substrate/item being immersed in a chemical or acid solution, some heated and some cold. The Chemical/acid reacts with the paint resins, pigments, greases and carbon to dissolve them from the substrate or base item. The item may need to be taken out, washed and re-dipped again depending on paint or products thickness and type. We use the chemical tanks to remove wet paint, epoxy paints, powder coatings, grease and carbon deposits, mainly on items that are not fit to go in the burn-off oven or cannot be blast cleaned straight off. Once the items are removed from the stripping tanks they will require remedial works that can include, hot pressure washer, blast cleaning, de-rusting and re-painting.

Blast Cleaning
Paint stripping and product removal by blast cleaning is only suitable for sturdy/solid items, and we would only carry it out on steel and cast items, as the process would be too aggressive to remove the pain or product from wood etc without damaging the underlining substrate surface. For more information on types of blast cleaning and its uses please refer to the sand blasting, grit & bead blasting section.

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